Welcome to the Spastic web site!

Current Version: 3.3.1

SPASTIC is an easy to use, but powerful, set of e-mail filters to deal with Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), aka spam, using the most excellent procmail program. It is based on SPAST originally created by Chrissy LeMaire and was been reborn with some new features as SPASTIC.

note: Spastic was designed for Linux, and other Unix-Like systems. Windows users, please move along, nothing to see here.

Some of the nice features are:

  • Filtering based on multiple headers and/or body contents
  • Predefined sets of filters to get started quickly
  • Whitelist to bypass filters for e-mail from known friendly sources
  • Tests for valid e-mail address formats
  • Tests for valid e-mail address domains
  • Optional "allowed" file to severely restrict who can send you e-mail
  • Optional script to rotate the spam file periodically and produce detailed stats
  • Optional basic anti-virus filtering (based on file type)
  • Works with traditional most popular MUA clients (mutt, pine, evolution, kmail, mozilla mail)
  • Instructions for integration with Postfix if you want a global spam filter for your site
  • Easy to install with a setup script, easy to customize
  • Fun for the whole family!

Documentation is available in english and portuguese (slightly outdated).

Here is a sample report created with the rotate-spam script included with Spastic. The script can be automated with cron to produce a report every day, week, or whatever schedule you want.

SPASTIC ate     345 e-mails for the following reasons:

    232 Rejected by Content-Type
     64 Not allowed destination
     17 Rejected by From
     12 Rejected by Subject
      8 Rejected by Body
      7 From address in a bad format
      4 Null Subject
      1 No MX record for domain


Thanks for visiting the SPASTIC site! Comments and suggestions welcome.

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